Who has played under the most various supervisors at a similar club?

“César Azpilicueta depends upon his tenth supervisor at Chelsea,” tweets Stu Wilsher. “Is there a record for the most supervisors played under at a relative club?”

Without a doubt, Stu, we make it nine supervisors and one guardian, yet the response is, obviously, definitely, which manages that one. Goodness! You ought to know who? Alright, here we go.

John Terry played under 11 chiefs in his time at Chelsea, yet past Stamford Expansion, the unquestionable spot to look at is Watford given the Pozzo family’s preference for staff recovery. As demonstrated by our discernment, eight players have beated Terry’s benchmark:

16 – Troy Deeney, 15 extremely strong managers, and one watchman
15 – Craig Cathcart, 14 exceptionally strong supervisors (13 as a persevering through the player, one as a loanee) and one guardian
13 – Tom Cleverley, 12 exceptionally intense managers (11 as a trustworthy player and one as a loanee), and one guard
12 – Christian Kabasele, 11 tough supervisors, and one watchman
12 – Lloyd Doyley, 12 tough supervisors
11 – Ben Engage, 10 trustworthy bosses (nine as an extremely intense player and as a loanee) and one supervisor
11 – Adrian Mariappa, 10 strong bosses (multiple spells), and one chief
11 – Heurelho Gomes, 10 tough bosses, and one watchman

A particular solicitation of “one-club men” then, made the going with once-finished:

16 – Rogério Ceni at São Paulo (counting nine stand-out spells by Milton Cruz as guard chief, more than likely its record)
15 – Senior part Lewington at MK Wears (with three of those being guardians and one acting typically in the center between time boss)
14 – Xabi Prieto at Genuine Sociedad and Manolo Sanchís at Valid Madrid
11 – Paolo Maldini at AC Milan, Loïc Perrin at AS Hallowed individual Étienne and Bruno Soriano at Villarreal

Scour Marriott then, at that point, joined the discussion: “In the previous 10 years and a half, Palermo have would in general change managers nearly as constantly as the UK’s persistent government changes chancellors. I won’t be aware without question which player holds the ‘most supervisors’ record, yet my most reasonable appraisal is the Slovenian safeguard Aljaz Struna, who showed up some spot in the extent of 2012 and 2018. He served under 17 managers across 23 novel spells (six of the coaches returned quickly spell).”
All that could be found in Francesco Totti, who had 19 managers during his time at Roma – a similar number Javier Zanetti had at Cover in the Massimo Moratti period, notes @stevecoopz82: “21 endlessly out expecting you count Luciano Castellini and a specific Roy Hodgson each having two separate spells in control”.

@CheapskateShow tweets “Kevin Fickentscher played at FC Sion from 2009 to 2013 and 2015-present, serving under 19 specific managers – he’s as of now playing for Paolo Tramezzani for the third time”, yet the final word goes to @matsnss essentially, that. “Daniele Conti played in Cagliari from 1999 until 2015,” he asks. “He had 23 specific supervisors, and well more than 30 assuming that you count copies.”

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Accomplices in the 500 club (2)
Last week, we took a gander at accomplices who had shown up for their club – yet there were models at two European goliaths that we ignored.

“Marcelo had passed the 500-game achievement when Karim Benzema showed up for Genuine Madrid back in 2019-20 – the plans of them joining Sergio Ramos, who by that point had as of late showed up for the club,” makes Álvaro Light up. “In doing consequently, these three equaled the triplet framed by club legends Raúl, Guti, and Iker Casillas who, near the finish of the past two’s last time of 2009-10, had all played more than 500 games for the club.”

Then, there’s Dundee Merged. “Five of the six top appearance producers for the club all played together for various seasons – Dave Narey (872 appearances), Maurice Malpas (830), Paul Hegarty (707), Hamish McAlpine (688) and Paul Sturrock (575),” notes Shaun McGlinchey. “Their last game together would without a doubt have been the Connection Cup semi-last, second-leg difficulty to Aberdeen on 9 October 1985.”

Definitive norms more confined than the pest controllers
Last week, Joe Morris contemplated how constantly a fundamental’s standard was more confined than that of the guardian who went before him, and different you alluded to a model from the weak critical length of “Partners, it’s Tottenham.” When Glenn Hoddle was sacked in September 2003, David Kink took over as gatekeeper until the end of the time – a measure of 39 games. He was trailed by the French supervisor Jacques Santini, who showed up amid extraordinary ballyhoo – and quit after 13 games.

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